The £250m Derby roundabouts scheme


Plans to improve the congested areas have gotten the go ahead.

cars on busy motorway

National Highways has received development consent to proceed with its plans aimed at alleviating congestion at three bottlenecks along the A38 in Derby.

The proposals involve significant enhancements to the Kingsway, Markeaton, and Little Eaton roundabouts. While the initial consent was granted in January 2021, it underwent a redetermination process due to a legal challenge and a subsequent High Court ruling that led to the decision being overturned.

Anita Prashar, the Regional Delivery Director at National Highways, expressed her satisfaction with the recent announcement. She highlighted that this achievement marks a significant milestone in the project to enhance the A38 route around Derby for the daily multitude of users.

However, the project’s progression still hinges on obtaining final approval for construction initiation. The remobilization and reprogramming of the project will begin, a process estimated to take at least 12 months.

There is now a six-week window during which interested parties can express their intention to legally contest the decision. Once the final approvals are secured and construction commences, the £250 million project will address congestion issues and improve the traffic flow in the designated areas.

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