Mace lands star role on transport infrastructure framework


Mace has been appointed to the Department for Transport’s (DfT) STARThree Framework, securing a host of consultancy service packages. 

The framework, valued at £600 million, brings in suppliers who can provide DfT with specialist technical and commercial advice for rail and other transport schemes.

It covers a range of services, including:

– procurement and contracting support

– project and programme management

– technical guidance and strategic advisory

This is the first time Mace has been appointed to the framework, now in its third iteration.

As prime supplier, the firm could pick up work across five categories: strategy, planning and economic forecasting advice; operations and performance advice; commercial advice; infrastructure and asset advice; and project and programme management advice.

Social value and decarbonisation are also marked out as core themes.

Major providers like Network Rail and National Highways are set to benefit from the DfT initiative.

“Securing this new appointment with DfT is a reflection of the growth and success we’ve seen in our UK transportation business over the past few years; it’s further evidence that Mace is established as a major multi-modal player in the sector,” said Sean Gray, director for transportation at Mace Consult.

“Alongside the opportunity to build on our experience with the likes of Network Rail, National Highways, HS2 and Abellio, we’re looking forward to forging new relationships and showcasing the full scope of our consultancy capabilities, drawing on our delivery expertise to bring new ideas and innovations – such as modern methods of construction – that will help the nation transform its transport infrastructure.”

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