Esh hires local team to deliver new council HQ


Esh Construction will deliver a new council HQ in Tees Valley.

esh group logo
Credit: Esh Group.

Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council has appointed the firm as design and build contractor, via the NEPO Framework.

Dunedin House, in Clear Water Business Park, will undergo a major programme of remodelling and refurbishment.

The development will consolidate 10 administration buildings no longer efficient due to age and condition.

It will involve demolition works, removal and construction of partitions and installation of glazed screens.

MEP works will be delivered by Maval Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

P+HS Architects and planning and design firm SINE Consulting have also been brought on.

“As a local contractor, we are committed to supporting the communities surrounding our projects by procuring local,” said Chris Hale, preconstruction director at Esh.

Adding: “Throughout the project we plan to reinvest £3 million into Tees Valley.”

Esh began work in July after a nine-month period of design, proposals and consultations.

It is expected to complete in Summer 2024.

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