Clancy and Costain to build ‘landmark’ infrastructure project


Clancy has been appointed to deliver a major new pipeline for Anglian Water, supporting supply across the east of England.

costain and clancy logo

The family-run contractor will act as a subcontracting partner to Costain, as part of the water supplier’s Strategic Pipeline Alliance.

The water network is one of Europe’s biggest environmental projects, enabling 265 million litres of water to be moved across 500km of interconnecting pipelines and associated infrastructure.

Clancy is involved with the construction of a new 800mm diameter steel 43km water main to the north east of Peterborough, between Etton in Cambridgeshire and Bexwell in West Norfolk, with work taking place until Spring 2024.

The route will include 187 open cut crossings across three Local Authorities at varying depths, up to 5 metres.

Clancy has invested in smart engineering techniques and technology to deliver the underground pipeline.

The plant standard includes using Digital Thumbs Up and Human Form Recognitions – an AI that identifies when a person has stepped into an unsafe area, alerting the person in the zone and the machine operator.

The system can be used to improve safety behaviours on site.

The wider programme will also support economic growth through new housing development, as well as protecting watercourses.

“The effects of climate change are being felt across the UK but especially in the drier areas of East Anglia which already experience low rainfall compared to the rest of the country,” said Ronan Clancy, executive director at Clancy.

“This critically important programme will make sure that the network is well-equipped and resilient for the future.

“Building on our experience of major new infrastructure projects, as well as our existing alliances across the region, we look forward to supporting Costain and Anglian Water on this landmark project.”

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