Six railway stations in Greater Manchester earmarked for regeneration


Six railway stations in Greater Manchester have been earmarked for regeneration. 

Greater Manchester

Network Rail and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) are developing regeneration schemes for Manchester and Salford’s central railway stations – and plan to seek out delivery partners for future projects.  

The partnership will focus on transport system upgrades and city regeneration that allow the two cities to “meet the demands of future population growth”, predicted to reach around 2,950,000 by 2031. 

Adding they want to ‘create a better-connected Greater Manchester’ and to ‘encourage use of public transport first and reduce reliance on cars’. 

Network Rail own more than 90 stations in Greater Manchester – over the next 12 months the two organisations will work with stakeholders and future partners on proposals for the following stations: 

  • Manchester Piccadilly 
  • Manchester Victoria 
  • Manchester Oxford Road 
  • Deansgate 
  • Salford Central  
  • Salford Crescent 

This will include commercial development around the stations, improved accessibility, and “ease of movement between the stations and the wider city”. 

It ties in with delivery of Manchester’s fully integrated public transport system, Bee Network, backed by the ‘Trailblazer Deal’ with central government.  

“As we deliver our Bee Network plans for a truly integrated network, it is vital our rail stations – and surrounding areas – evolve to meet these demands, and this new partnership signifies our joint commitment alongside Manchester and Salford districts to delivering a modernised railway that puts passengers and local communities at its heart,” said Vernon Everitt, transport commissioner for Greater Manchester. 

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