Careys report loss in profit in latest results


Carey Group has published its latest financial statement – reporting a loss in profit. 

Carey Group
Credit: Carey Group.

The Wembley contractor, whose main activities include construction and dry lining, also saw its cash position improve on the previous year. 

After tax, the Group recorded a £304,000 loss in profit for the year ended 30 September 2022 (FY2021: £2.8 million profit). 

It reported an operating loss of £448,000, compared to a £3 million profit in the previous year.  

Company cash (at the bank and in hand) was £355,000, compared to £346,000 in 2021.  

The Group’s total income for the year was £4.7 million (FY2021: £4.8 million).  

It reported £1.2 million in net liabilities for the financial year, down from £5.9 million in 2021.  

The shareholder’s fund at year-end was £1.2 million, compared to £5.9 million in 2021. 

Carey Group is a family-owned business operating across the UK and Ireland.  

It reported 12 employees in 2022, consistent with the previous year. 

The company is headed by Araglin Holdings Limited.  

Accounts for Araglin at the date of the report show net assets valued at £155 million, including £70 million of real estate and £73 million in cash. 

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