VolkerFitzpatrick awarded Surrey highways contract


VolkerFitzpatrick has been appointed to design and build a highway crossing over a rail line in Surrey. 

Credit: VolkerFitzpatrick.

The £19 million Ash Road Bridge project, on behalf of Guildford Borough Council, will see the closure of a level crossing on the A323 Guildford Road deemed a safety risk by Network Rail. 

Construction of the bridge and retiring of the level crossing is in preparation for “enhanced rail use on the North Downs line”, said the firm. 

Currently, the Ash Level Crossing closes for up to 25 minutes out of every hour, leading to significant traffic delays. 

VolkerFitzpatrick will also deliver new roads, junctions and alter existing roads connecting to the bridge.  

New street lighting, landscaping, and drainage is included in the project. 

The scheme will also unlock housing development outlined in the Local Plan and benefit from a Housing Infrastructure Fund. 

As well as working with supply chain contractors from the surrounding area, VolkerFitzpatrick will provide several apprenticeship placements. 

Site preparation and pre-construction began at the end of July and is due for completion in early 2025. 

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