Top 5 construction start-ups tackling sustainability


We take a look at the start-ups making our industry greener.

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Everyone loves a list.

According to projections, approximately 80% of the existing buildings will still be present in 2050. In Europe, these buildings contribute to about 36% of the total CO2 emissions.

So, let’s go look at innovative start-ups that are driving change.

1. 2050 Materials

Founded in 2021, 2050 Materials is a digital platform for the AEC industry to explore, compare, and source sustainable building materials. The company offers an integrated platform for eco-friendly data, empowering designers to economize both time and funds at any phase of their projects. Through this platform, the company streamlines scattered and intricate data, facilitating more straightforward decision-making processes.

CEO: Phanos Hadjikyriakou

2. Akanthas

Akanthas is committed to aiding the complete industrial value chain in gaining a deeper comprehension, foreseeing, and enhancing waste production, activity, and quality. To achieve this, Akanthas leverages the potential of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technology.

Akanthas offers a user-friendly solution that includes a waste counter and advanced software, aimed at optimizing waste management to foster a more circular economy. The system utilizes optical sensors combined with AI algorithms to efficiently gather and analyze raw data, ultimately providing key performance indicators (KPIs).

CEO: Viviana Conreras

3. iNex Circular

Founded in 2014, iNex Circular stands as the pioneering European platform that leverages synergies within the circular economy to enhance waste and raw materials management. Addressing the demand for digitalization in land sourcing, recycling units, and waste processes, iNex Circular effectively identifies land, anticipates relevant regulatory obligations, and closely monitors building waste.

CEO: Eileen Gallagher

4. CoolBrook

Founded in 2011, CoolBrook offers groundbreaking technology that replaces the use of fossil fuels with electrification, powered by clean and renewable energy sources. By electrifying highly polluting industrial processes, such as steel, iron, cement, and chemical production, this technology has the potential to annually reduce up to 30% of total industrial emissions.

CEO: Joonas Rauramo


Founded in 2016, CAALA presents a comprehensive platform solution designed to calculate, optimize, and communicate CO2 emissions within the real estate and construction sector. This user-friendly platform enables users to accurately calculate emissions throughout the entire lifecycle of buildings, regardless of whether they are newly constructed or already existing. Additionally, CAALA’s solution optimizes opportunities for improvements and identifies practical actions to reduce emissions effectively.

CEO: Philipp Hollberg

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