Job losses at BAM after latest restructuring


BAM is restructuring its construction operations in England – resulting in staff redundancies.  

Credit: BAM.

The shakeup, taking affect from today, will see the company reduce the number of operating regions from seven to five. 

The North West and North East regions will be combined to create a new Northern Region, led by John Phillips. 

And the South East region will be merged across the London, Western and Midlands regions, with the latter being renamed Central Region, led by Adam Harding. 

As a result, BAM said there will be “a small number of redundancies”. 

Where possible, however, alternative internal roles will be sought, it added. 

Its Scotland region will be unaffected.  

“Like most companies we are constantly reviewing our structure and how we operate in line with best practice and market conditions,” said James Wimpenny, executive director construction, BAM UK & Ireland. “As a result, we have announced today that we are reducing the number of regions within BAM UK & Ireland’s Construction segment from seven to five. 

“The changes will start to take effect from today and will see our North West and North East regions combine into one Northern region which will be led by John Phillips, and our South East region will be merged across our London, Western and Midlands regions. The Midlands region will be renamed Central region and be led by Adam Harding. Our Scotland region is unaffected by the changes. 

“Unfortunately, there will be a small number of redundancies, but where possible we are seeking alternative internal roles. 

“This has been a considered decision, but the vast majority of what our people do, right across our business and for our clients and customers every day, will not change.” 

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