Keltbray secures Sellafield earthworks package


Keltbray will deliver earthworks in support of a major project at a former nuclear site in Cumbria. 

Logo credit: Keltbray.

The Group has been appointed to provide a development platform and supporting infrastructure at Sellafield, by Sellafield Limited.  

The contract, valued at £17 million, marks another milestone in Keltbray’s ‘ambition to become a major player’ in the UK nuclear construction sector. 

In June, the Group was selected as one of nine suppliers to a £485 million framework, to deliver nuclear infrastructure decommissioning and asbestos removal (DAR) services for Magnox on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.  

The framework, initially for four years with an option to extend up to a further two years, was across 10 reactor sites, two research sites, and one hydro-electric plant, all operated by Magnox. 

At Sellafield, Keltbray will construct a new development platform in preparation for construction of Lightly Shielded Store 1 (LSS1), a Programme and Project Partners (PPP) led project within Intermediate Level Waste East Zone, to house lower-level waste.  

According to a planning application, also reported on by the News & Star in 2021, LSS1 “is the most efficient way to manage low fissile Contact-Handleable Intermediate Level Waste (CHILW) from all proposed waste streams (all arising from the Sellafield site) in an appropriately engineered store and an appropriately engineered package for the hazard the waste poses,” – according to Sellafield’s chief executive, Martin Chown. 

Keltbray will also build a new access road and drainage to the LSS1 site and temporary utility supplies to both the LSS1 construction plot and the adjacent temporary accommodation plot. 

The former nuclear power site at Sellafield, which opened in 1956 and was previously known as Windscale, includes more than 200 nuclear facilities and more than 1,000 buildings.  

However, as of August 2022, primary activities are nuclear waste processing and storage and nuclear decommissioning. 

The PPP framework covers around 25 major decommissioning projects under NEC contracts. 

“Winning this contract represents major strategic progress for Keltbray, and we are delighted to have been selected for the work after a rigorous tendering process,” said David Sloyan, operations director at Keltbray 

“Through this early engagement, we have been able to consistently prove we can provide working solutions to nuclear industry challenges across the UK, and we will again showcase the capabilities of our fantastic team through this contract with PPP for Sellafield Limited.” 

Keltbray CEO Darren James added: “Working together under this highly innovative enterprise framework will help to create a clean and safe environment at the Sellafield site for future generations, improve sustainability and provide continued support for the local economy and communities.” 

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