Belgian building materials firm Etex swoops on UK rival


Belgian building materials maker Etex has acquired UK insulation producer Superglass Insulation Limited for an undisclosed sum. 

Credit: Etex.

The deal marks a further expansion into the UK and European sustainable insulation market by Etex, beyond its existing presence with insulation solutions provider URSA. 

Superglass currently operates from its factory in Stirling, Scotland. 

Founded in 1987, today the company has around 200 employees and is believed to be one of the leading insulation producers in the UK and Ireland. 

UK activities will be led by general manager UK, Theresa McLean, who has run Superglass over the last few years. 

Superglass will bolster Etex’s UK and European sales and production network as part of its Insulation division. 

Etex’s Insulation division consists of 11 plants across Europe (eight in the UK) and more than 1,500 employees.  

One of its existing brands, URSA, makes both glass mineral wool and extruded polystyrene (XPS), for the construction and built environment sector.  

Glass mineral wool is non-combustible, breathable and one of the most efficient thermal and acoustic insulation materials, both environmentally and in terms of cost. 

The UK represented about 15% of Etex’s total revenue in 2022 which was EUR€3,714 million and REBITDA of EUR€645 million. 

“Joining forces with Superglass … is a great step forward on our growth path in insulation, just one year after we acquired URSA. The need for energy efficient and sustainable buildings is crucial, and Superglass and URSA are a perfect answer for it,” said Bernard Delvaux, CEO of Etex. 

Etex has a range products and solutions, including Siniat plasterboards, Cedral fibre cement sidings and slates, Eternit fibre cement corrugated sheets, Promat passive fire protection and high temperature insulation, and EOS lightweight steel construction. 

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