Concrete specialist MPB reports solid profits


MPB Structures has published a financial statement for the year ended 30 September 2022 (FY2022).  

The concrete frame specialist, based in Northamptonshire, reported strong profits and cash position amid turbulent trading conditions.  

Key highlights 

  • Turnover: £98,977,594 (FY2021: £81,949,950). 
  • Cost of sales: £87,402,216 (FY2021: £72,860,418). 
  • Gross profit: £11,575,378 (FY2021: £9,089,532). 
  • Operating profit: £4,287,391 (FY2021: £2,427,909). 
  • Profit before tax: £3,887,985 (FY2021: £2,184,905). 
  • Profit for the year: £2,968,021 (FY2021: £1,889,174). 
  • Cash: £2,461,884 (FY2021: £693,176). 

Fixed assets for the company for the year ended 30 September 2022 were valued at £12,726,884 (FY2021: £10,866,047).  

Net assets (tangible, stocks, cash, liabilities etc) and total equity was valued at £24,898,294 (FY2021: £21,930,273).  

No ordinary dividends were paid. The directors did not recommend payment of a final dividend. 

“This financial period has been within the post-Brexit trading conditions and the post-Covid 19 pandemic and the company has responded resiliently with an increase in gross margin to 11.7% (11.1% in 2021) and profitability 3.9% (2.7% in 2021) through this period for which we are grateful to our people, clients and suppliers for their significant contributions,” said MPB.  

Adding: “Our strategy for achieving our objectives continues to be based around the retention of key personnel, careful selection of the company’s client base, and regular monitoring of contract performance.” 

MPB was founded in 1987 by managing director, Michael Boyle. 

Its projects include Battersea Power Station, Hilton Manchester, HSBC HQ, and others.  

Clients include Balfour Beatty, Kier, Mace, Morgan Sindall, Skanska, Sisk, Wates, and more.  

MPB was approached for further comment.

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