Latest changes to HS2 Crewe to Manchester section


HS2 has proposed a second set of changes for its Crewe to Manchester extension, potentially adding almost £3 billion extra to the project. 

Credit: HS2

Additional Provision 2 (AP2) of HS2’s High-Speed Rail (Crewe – Manchester) Bill will look to carry out further rail, highway and electrical works in Phase 2b Western Leg (WL) of the programme. 

The new changes involve extending and developing new railway networks between Cheshire and Manchester and civil and highway works. 

HS2 expects to deliver Phase 2b WL between 2035 and 2041, a revision from the original 2033 date it set for Phase 2. 

Full scope 

AP2 will affect seven areas in the Crewe and Manchester section; these include:

  • Hough and Walley’s Green.
  • Wimboldsley and Lostock Gralam.
  • Pickmere and Agden and Hulseheath.
  • Hulseheath and Manchester Airport.
  • Davenport Green and Ardwick.
  • Manchester Piccadilly.
  • Annandale Depot.

The changes include widening junctions and carriageways to reduce construction congestion and redesigning tunnels and viaducts for new stations in Manchester Airport and Piccadilly. 

With further proposed utility works and waterways, the additional costs for AP2 are around £2.9 billion.

HS2 cost 

If Parliament agrees to these changes, further costs will be added to the HS2 programme, which is currently estimated between £70 billion and £100 billion. 

The infrastructure project has faced several setbacks in recent years, pushing its cost far from the £33 billion expected to cost in 2013. 

In March, HS2 announced that it would delay its Phase 2a Birmingham to Crewe section by two years to save costs. 

However, last month, it was found that this extension could add a further £366 million to the programme. 

HS2 is running a public consultation on AP2 for communities in the affected areas from 4 July to 31 August

HS2 was approached for further information. 

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