UK to overhaul planning on major energy infrastructure


The UK government aims to reach its net zero targets by easing the planning system for energy infrastructure projects.


The Department for Energy Security & Net Zero (DESNEZ) will publish a Connections Action Plan in the Summer to reduce the time it takes to process planning consent for installing and connecting overhead cables and pylons. 

This plan will work on top of infrastructure work already underway by network companies. 

DESNEZ is working with energy regulator Ofgem on delivering an action plan for the new reform later this year, as part of the UK’s wider Powering Up Britain: Energy Security Plan. 

Full scope  

The capacity for renewable energy has increased on the national grid by 500% since 2010. 

Last month, the Climate Change Committee (CCC) said the UK will not meet its net zero goals, with a main factor being that the capacity for renewable energy is not moving fast enough. 

DESNEZ hopes to increase the grid capacity by prioritising the completion of projects that have planning approval. 

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