Pay rise win for construction workers


Unite has secured an almost 8% pay rise for around half a million workers.

Construction workers on site.

Construction workers under the Construction Industry Joint Council (CIJC) will receive a compound pay increase of 7.59% from 1 January 2024. 

Trade bodies, including GMB Union, were led by Unite to negotiate a rise in Spring 2023. 

The agreement also covers travel allowances and apprentices, and minimum and living wage workers. 


The CIJC has issued an immediate pay rise of 6% for workers, followed by an additional 1.5% increase in January. 

Rate changes include: 

Basic rate (weekly, 39 hour contract): 

  • General operative: £438.75 (up from £406.38 in April 2023)
  • Craft rate: £572.52 (up from 531.96 in April 2023) 
  • Year one apprentice: £257.40 (up from 239.07 in April 2023). 
  • Apprentice on completion with NVQ two: £572.52 (up from £531.96 in April 2023).

From 10 July 2023, the rise in daily allowances and fares include:

Miles Travel (taxed, £) Fare (not taxed, £)
9 1.27 5.57
20 3.87 10.50
30 6.23 14.37
50 10.96 21.63

Additionally, from 10 July 2023, industry sick pay in addition to SSP will be £154.02 per week, and £156.33 per week in January. 

“This is an important deal that not only increases workers’ wages but also establishes a pathway for improved conditions for a huge number of construction workers,” said Unite general secretary Sharon Graham.

The CIJC has published new Promulgation document with the full list of pay and allowance increases.

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