Robertson to take over two Tolent projects


Robertson Construction looks set to take over two projects which stalled when the previous contractor collapsed.  

Central Station.
Central Station. Credit: Newcastle City Council.

Newcastle City Council revealed its “intention to appoint” Robertson to two capital projects in the city that had previously been under Tolent. 

Tolent fell into administration in February due to soaring raw materials costs, supply chain challenges, and labour shortages.  

The Gateshead-based contractor was one of the largest firms of its kind in the North East, with turnover of nearly £200 million 

Its collapse saw between 313 and 360 workers made redundant and several projects, including the two in Newcastle, grind to a halt. 

Robertson looks set to complete improvements to the central railway station project in Newcastle, while also carrying out the refurbishment of a nearby building known as Pattern Shop, at one time the site of Robert Stephenson’s steam locomotive works. 

The jobs also include the creation of a new entrance on Neville Street, the relocation of car parking, and new shops, according to the BBC. 

The former locomotive works looks set to become offices for SMEs. 

Work is expected to resume on both sites next month. 

The Central Station redesign is due to be complete by the end of the year, with the Pattern Shop expected to be finished in early 2024. 

It is understood the railway station improvements will cost in the region of £4 million. 

A council spokesperson said: “We can confirm we have published an intention to appoint Robertson Construction Limited to complete two important capital projects in the city – improvements to the Central Station and the refurbishment of the building known as Pattern Shop behind the station into space for small and medium sized enterprises. 

“Work is expected to resume on both sites next month (July) with the Pattern Shop expected to be complete early next year and the Central Station by the end of the current year.” 

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