Five land £960m eight-year highways framework


Five firms have landed an eight-year highways construction contract valued at £960 million. 

UK highway at night constructed by milestone

The Midlands Highway Alliance Plus (MHA+) chose the quintet of suppliers for its Professional Services Partnership Framework 4 (PSP 4) following an extensive procurement process. 

The new framework is the fourth iteration of the Alliance’s PSP framework and will be available from 28 August. It is expected to be in place for up to eight years. 

The framework comprises two Lots.  

The successful suppliers for Lot 1 (Consultancy Services) are:  

  • Amey  
  • AECOM  
  • WSP  

The successful suppliers for Lot 2 (Temporary and Seconded Professional Staff) are:  

  • Waterman Aspen  
  • Matchtech Group  

PSP 4 has been updated to meet the future needs of the 31 local highway authority members already using PSP 3 and framework suppliers, particularly in performance management, supplier selection options and workload share. 

The scheme is supported by Leicestershire County Council. 

“Developing and procuring the new framework has been a real team effort,” said Pat Clarke, chairman of the PSP 4 Procurement Working Group, Leicestershire County Council. “We have examined every aspect of the framework to ensure that we provide the value and flexibility that local highway authorities will need going forward to meet the challenging times ahead as well as make it an attractive framework for suppliers to commit to working with us on.” 

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