Bids open for £3bn utilities framework


Procurement specialist SCAPE is looking for a maximum of two firms to deliver engineering and infrastructure works across England and Ireland. 

Construction workers on a wire telephone pole.

The firm will have an intial duration of four years, with the option of four additional years; two separate two-year periods running concurrently.

SCAPE is offering two lots in the scheme, and companies can bid for both, though the firm will split the deal between two companies if it receives a high volume of bids. 

The tender will be open until 11 August, and firms are subject to a procurement exercise. 

Inside the framework

Both lots are identical in content and value, covering all types of construction, civil engineering, infrastructure works, and related services in the following sectors:

  • Gas and Heat.
  • Electricity.
  • Water.
  • Nuclear.
  • Ports.
  • Airports.
  • Transport services.

Additionally, each lot is worth £1.5 billion, and SCAPE expects bidders to demonstrate an annual turnover of £250 million. 

The framework is a one-off contract with no potential negotiations on renewal. 

SCAPE is working with Peel Ports Investments Limited on the scheme, which stands to be a potential user and beneficiary of the framework. 

Interested firms can access the complete list of works involved in the package and provisions bidding on the Delta eSourcing portal

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