Lincolnshire highway improvements underway


Winvic will deliver infrastructure works that will make travel more accessible and safer on the A16. 

Plan of the March Lane roundabout.
Credit: Winvic.

The work is part of the ‘General Works’ Lot contract of the Lincolnshire County Council highways framework, which Winvic will carry out across four years. 

The firm will expand the March Lane roundabout and improve the active travel links in Boston near Wyberton Low Road. 

Both these projects will cost £5.7 million, which will come from the £20 million Levelling Up funding the council secured in 2021. 

Winvic began work in May and expects to complete the projects in six months. 

Inside the scheme 

To improve safety and reduce congestion on the March Lane roundabout, Winvic will: 

  • Widen the roundabout and the carriageway approaching it into two lanes. 
  • Move the alignment of the roundabout to facilitate the widening. 
  • Install 410m of new drainage. 
  • Deliver mass traffic signals infrastructure to the crossroad junction. 
  • Carry out 4,025 sqm of carriageway treatment works.

For the Boston improvements, the firm will build a three-quarter mile active travel route and a new cycle lane so that cyclists and HGVs will have more space on the roads. 

The firm will also reduce the two-lane carriageway on the A16 to one for up to 10 weeks, installing temporary traffic signals and holding road closures at night for later project developments. 

Full scope 

Winvic won the General Works Lot in April 2022 and will undertake work on A and B-class roads. 

These works will include the construction of roundabouts, major highways, bridges, service diversions, and installing drainage and street lighting.

“Nearby communities, businesses and road users will be our priority, as well as keeping people safe. Our continued one-team working with the council will help to ensure the programme is delivered swiftly and safely with as little disruption as possible,” said Rob Cook, director of civils and infrastructure at Winvic.

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