AECOM to work on Ukraine reconstruction


AECOM is working with the Government of Ukraine as its reconstruction delivery partner. 

AECOM logo over Ukraine flag.
Credit: AECOM.

The international infrastructure consulting firm has signed a memorandum of understanding with Ukraine’s ministry for communities, territories and infrastructure development. 

AECOM’s primary role will be to provide advice on infrastructure and program management for the country’s future reconstruction projects. 

The firm has also signed a memorandum of cooperation with Ukraine’s state agency for the restoration and development of infrastructure for cost estimating and engineering support. 

Inside the partnership 

Regarding the first memorandum, AECOM will assist the ministry with designing and establishing a programme management approach. 

The firms will also advise the ministry on creating more opportunities for public and private investors to invest in future reconstruction projects. 

For the second memorandum, AECOM will support Ukraine in reaching international-based cost estimation and procurement practices standards and will provide its consulting engineering services. 

Full scope 

Previously, AECOM has delivered reconstruction works in politically fraught countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia and areas affected by natural disasters like the United States, Nepal, and Indonesia. 

During the reconstruction of Hurricane Katrina in the U.S., AECOM worked with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and delivered the following services: 

  • Housing recovery planning and implementation. 
  • Design and construction for $40 million repair to the Keesler Air Force Base Hospital. 
  • A million residential structure damage assessments. 

The infrastructure in Ukraine will take around 10 years to complete and cost anywhere between $750 billion to $1 trillion, according to a report from Deloitte. 

Regarding physical infrastructure, reconstruction is essential for the country’s housing, education and employment growth. 

On the partnership, Troy Rudd, AECOM’s CEO, said: “The reconstruction of Ukraine is one of the world’s greatest humanitarian and infrastructure priorities, and we are honoured to partner with Deputy Prime Minister Kubrakov and the Ukrainian government to help position this effort to successfully deliver on their long-term recovery ambitions.”

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