McAlpine hires two familiar faces to senior management


Two former McAlpine employees have been rehired and appointed to senior management. 

Credit: McAlpine. Grant Finlay (left) and Mike O’Donnell.

Grant Findlay joins the company’s Board as executive managing director of buildings – and Mike O’Donnell returns to the McAlpine fold as managing director of its commercial sector business. 

Findlay first joined McAlpine in 2012 and worked there until 2022. He ran the London business before becoming McAlpine’s director of strategy, in which he was responsible for innovation and improvement, and leading strategic sector activity.   

In his new role as executive MD, Findlay will oversee delivery within commercial office, healthcare, industrial, and major and special projects sectors. 

Findlay has worked across the UK, US and Asia, and has previously assisted on the redevelopment of GCHQ, News International printworks, the East London line extension, and the broadcast and media facilities for the London Olympics in 2012. 

O’Donnell also brings a wealth of experience to his new role as commercial sector MD. During his previous senior roles at McAlpine between 2004 and 2019, he helped secure and deliver several iconic projects, including the Olympic Stadium, the O2 arena and Bloomberg HQ. 

Both men undertook roles on Madison Square Garden Company’s Sphere business before returning to McAlpine. 

O’Donnell said: “I’m excited to return to the Sir Robert McAlpine family and make the most of our project opportunities. I look forward to reengaging with our clients and supply chain partners.” 

Findlay added: “It’s great to be back at such an exciting time for the business, focusing on growth in our target sectors. I’m looking forward to delivering on our new strategic vision, supported by a talented team of experts, including Mike.” 

McAlpine CEO, Paul Hamer, said: “I welcome back Grant Findlay and Mike O’Donnell to the team. Their return is testament to our strong new vision and enduring positive workplace culture.  

“As we move to a national sector-focused operating model supported by centres of excellence, their talent will be instrumental to our success.” 

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