CITB downgraded by govt agency after inspection


The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has been downgraded by a government agency.  

Credit: Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).

CITB slipped in overall effectiveness from “outstanding” in 2017 to “requires improvement” following a three-day inspection in March this year. 

CITB is headquartered in Peterborough, and operates from training centres in Erith and Bircham Newton.  

Its purpose is to provide apprenticeships and specialist training for the construction industry across England. 

It currently works with 24 subcontractor partners and 347 employers, and supports 629 apprentices. 

Ofsted determined CITB “requires improvement” in the following areas:  

  • The quality of education  
  • Behaviour and attitudes 
  • Personal development  
  • Leadership and management  
  • Apprenticeships 

Areas that require improvement 

Ofsted said leadership need to ensure development coaches have the vocational knowledge to effectively prepare apprentices for their final exams.  

Leadership should more closely monitor the progress of apprentices working with its subcontractor partners – so they are better able to support remaining apprentices in achieving their qualification.  

Ensure subcontractors work collaboratively with employers, so on- and off-site training are linked effectively and support the development of apprentices.  

Ensure trainers mark apprentices’ work promptly and provide useful feedback, so apprentices know what they need to improve. 

All aspects of the curriculum must be “ambitious”, to support the ongoing development of apprentices in their English and Maths skills beyond what is required to pass the apprenticeship.  

Ensure high quality and impartial careers advice, so apprentices understand the full range of options available at the end of their apprenticeships. 

Things CITB does well  

Leaders are passionate about providing the construction industry with the skilled workforce of the future. 

Leadership recently recruited new managers who have taken decisive action to improve the quality of provision – including investing heavily in the development of teaching staff. 

Ensuring the curriculum in new provision meets the national need to develop a skilled workforce in the construction and allied industries. 

Trainers ensure apprentices learn the relevant technical industry legislation and guidance.  

Apprentices with learning difficulties and/or disabilities receive the support they need to achieve. 

Instructors ensure they understand the support needs apprentices have, including medical requirements.  

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