1,000-home development in Sheffield


Sheffield City Council has revealed new regeneration plans to develop more than 1,000 homes at a brownfield site. 

Plan for Attercliffe Waterside.
Credit: SheffNews.

The council has contracted regeneration developer, Citu, to deliver its Attercliffe Waterside scheme, which looks to build more than 1,000 homes and climate-conscious community and commercial spaces. 

Covering 93,100 sqm, the scheme will transform land on either side of the Sheffield and Tinsley canal, next to Woodbourn Road athletics stadium. 

The council secured £17 million from the Levelling-Up Fund (LUF) for the scheme, with construction set to starts in 2024. 

Full scope 

Citu is currently doing remediation works on the site and installing new infrastructure before construction begins.

The firm will submit planning for phase one of the scheme in the coming weeks, which include: 

  • More than 400 homes. 
  • The conversion of existing buildings into leisure and office space.
  • A new culture centre, including, 
    • Bars. 
    • An independent bakery.
    • Art studios. 

Citu will use its timber-framed housing system to enforce the council’s aim of making  Attercliffe Waterside a zero carbon community. 

The council identified the potential for the site as a housing development in 1994, but it has been difficult to put forward plans due to the site’s poor image and proximity of industrial uses. 

The council finally wrote a proposal for Attercliffe Waterside in 2019.  

Citu latest 

Citu has worked on low-carbon residential neighbourhoods in Kelham Island, also in Sheffield, as well as the Climate Innovation District near Leeds city centre.

“We have a long-term investment in Sheffield, creating award-winning new communities and employing dozens of local people here for more than a decade. It’s fitting that the city will be home to one of our most ambitious schemes to date,” Jonathan Wilson, the managing director of Citu. 

Sheffield City Council were approached for further information. 

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