Legally binding cladding code of practice bid


An MP forwards a new bill to set a legally binding code of practice for cladding remediation works in occupied buildings.

Building cladding development.

Ipswich MP Tom Hunt has developed proposals to make contractors and developers follow a legally binding code of practice when carrying out cladding remediation works. 

The bill was first read on 9 May in the House of Commons, and will receive a second reading on 24 November 2023. 

The bill aims to set standards on: 

  • The material used for remediation works, and how they affect the quality of life of occupants. 
  • Communication with residents with adequate notice and ability to relocate. 
  • Ventilation, timescales, and sanctions for missing deadlines. 

St Francis Tower 

Hunt uses the example of Ipswich’s St Francis Towers, which has been under remediation since 2018, to explain why the bill is necessary.

The 17-storey structure that comprises 117 flats, is currently covered with shrink wrap and blue film, blocking natural light and the ability to open windows.

Other buildings in Ipswich include Orwell Quay, where the developer, Persimmon Homes, has used a mesh material to cover the building, allowing natural light to enter. 

Hunt has been in contact with the developers of St Francis Tower about the timescale and quality of life for residents. The firms are: 

  • Block Management (managing agent). 
  • RG Securities (the freeholder).
  • Oander Limited (contractor). 
  • Gilmore (contractor). 


The bill aims to hold freeholders and developers accountable for the disruption to life of occumpied residents, during remediation works.

The Fire Safety Act 2021 and the Building Safety Act 2022 have provided leaseholders with protections from cladding and building costs and cladding-related defects.

“What is the proposed code of practice about? It is about trying to ensure that what has happened at St Francis Tower never happens again anywhere else.”

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