Health and Safety tests for industry leaders


A leading UK training board is introducing changes to its health and safety test for managers and professionals (MAP). 

Site manager overseeing on-site developement.

The Construction Industry Training Body (CITB) has updated the health, safety & environment test for managers and professionals, adding new subjects and revision materials for candidates. 

The changes aim to reflect current legislation, working practices and technologies used in the industry, ensuring that the test remains fit for purpose. 

The changes will take effect on 27 June 2023

New subjects 

Using industry feedback, CITB has added the following subjects. 

  • Mental health. 
  • Leadership.
  • Occupational health governance.
  • Behavioural safety. 
  • New technologies. 
  • Improving legislative compliance.

Making 12 key areas altogether, these subjects will include new questions and accompanying revision materials. 

Industry changes 

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) has also updated its certification process, where it will no longer renew Industry Accredited (IA) cards. 

Taking effect from 30 June 2024, cardholders will have to reapply in 2024 and gain a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ/SNVQ) or equivalent competency.  

Sanctioned by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC), these changes were made to ensure competency across all levels of on-site construction. 

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