£4bn rail infrastructure framework deadline


The deadline for Network Rail’s £4 billion Eastern Routes Partnership (ERP) framework is approaching. 

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Network Rail (NR) is actively seeking suppliers and contractors to work with for its Eastern Routes Partnership (ERP) framework. 

The ERP will help deliver projects under NR’s strategic business plan (SBP) in the Eastern region of Britain, that includes Newcastle, Sheffield, and Norwich. 

Valued at around £4 billion, NR aims to deliver small schemes and reactive works and standalone multidisciplinary enhancements and projects with the framework. 

The framework 

The ERP comprises two levels, specialist and generalist, with SMEs, new entrants, and disciple experts encouraged to participate in the former. 

For the generalist level, NR is looking to engage suppliers who can work on complex projects with increased stakeholder management and high volume demands. 

The ERP includes a pain-gain incentive mechanism based on the difference between the Annual Actual Cost and the Annual Project Target cost, which is derived from the client’s budget. 

A partnership agreement is available between NR and contractors on the generalist level; specialist level contractors may also join if the framework is extended over the initial five years. 

NR intends to procure additional firms in relation to projects that require works and services from particular economic entities, this is to ensure maximum competition in the ERP. 

Inside the job

There are 10 lots available as part of the framework, including works related to building, civils, structural, geotechnical, telecommunications and plant.

  • Lot 1A Generalist Buildings & Civils – valued at £1 billion. 
  • Lot 1B Specialist structures – valued at £72 million. 
  • Lot 1C Specialist Geotechnical – valued at £64 million. 
  • Lot 2A Generalist Signalling and Telecoms – valued at £852 million. 
  • Lot 2B Specialist Signalling – valued at £88 million. 
  • Lot 2C Specialist Telecoms – valued at £70 million. 
  • Lot 3A Generalist Contact Systems – valued at £362 million. 
  • Lot 3B Specialist Contact Systems – valued at £70 million. 
  • Lot 4A Generalist Distribution & Plant – valued at £88 million. 
  • Lot 4B Specialist Distribution & Plant – valued at £88 million. 

Network Rail is restricting the number of lots one contractor can win to two, according to Construction Enquirer.


Bids will close on 2 June 2023, and NR is planning a series of briefings to help bidding teams understand the delivery requirements of the framework. 

Bidders will be required to take a behavioural assessment. 

The initial term of the framework is five years, plus two months of mobilisation. The contracts are open for yearly renewal by up to five more years. 

The work is expected to take 10 years to complete. 

To submit a PQQ for the ERP Tender, click here

Network Rail were approached for further comment. 

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