LCB Group boss launches new retrofit company


LCB Group has expanded into a new company catering primarily to social housing and local authority sectors. 

Credit: LCB Group.

The Cardo Group was launched by LCB managing director, Liam Bevan. 

The new company will incorporate a group of firms in the maintenance, compliance and retrofit services sectors.  

LCB itself specialises in social housing building maintenance and retrofit and has offices in Cardiff, Bristol, Exeter and Luton.   

Private equity firm Buckthorn Partners is backing the expansion. 

Bevan assumes the role of chief executive officer of Cardo Group, while retaining his MD position at LCB. 

LCB non-executive director, Jane Nelson, becomes strategy director at Cardo. 

Other internal role changes 

LCB maintenance director and Bevan’s business partner, Rhydian James, will be key to ongoing service delivery. 

James is joined by Jon Wiltshire as regional director for the Bristol area. 

LCB’s project team, regional managers and operational teams, together with support services, will support the new expansion. 

“I am grateful to every single person at LCB for the great work you do, day in day out,” said Bevan. “Without all of you, I couldn’t now take forward my vision of a family of social housing building maintenance businesses, with in-house retrofit expertise, with a national footprint.  I know I can also rely on your help, as I have always done. Thank you.” 

Adding: “I am also grateful to LCB’s clients – old and new – who have seen LCB expand from our first humble depot in Barry to offices across South Wales and southern England. I’m so glad that you are coming on the next phase of our journey with us.” 

LCB recently completed its ISO14001 assessment and is now a UKAS accredited 14001 contractor.  

“This was the natural next move for LCB to complement our recent 9001 accreditation, demonstrating our commitment to growing as an environmentally responsible, sustainability focused business,” said the firm. 

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