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Gallagher Group is 50 years old this year. It was founded by Irish-born entrepreneur, Pat Gallagher. “I didn’t want to work for anyone but be free to do my own thing.”

Pat Gallagher receiving an award
Credit: Gallagher Group

Last month, we wrote about Ray O’Rourke. This month, it’s Pat Gallagher. Founder of Gallagher Group.

And the funny thing is, they are cousins. Both emigrated from Co. Leitrim in Ireland to set up widely successful UK construction businesses.

To give you some background on “comments by a CEO” – we create human interest content on the Construction Wave LinkedIn page every week. Many are about CEOs, founders, and interesting people in the sector.

If the post hits, we aggregate some of the most insightful comments from the post.

Pat’s post was a hit.

While looking through the comments of Pat’s post, one keyword popped up. Community.

The focus on delivering value to the Kent community seemed to have allowed Pat and Gallagher Group to branch into neighboring counties. Clients knew they would be looked after.

He said in his own words:

“Kent is a beautiful county, and its people have been very supportive of our success. I realise now that I and the Gallagher Group business might not have done as well in London as I have done here. It’s quite rural, with a lot of fruit and hop growing. In some ways it’s almost a home from home, as compared with rural Leitrim. The longer I live here, the more I grow to love it. ”

So, now we dive in to see how people viewed Pat as a founder, CEO, and leader.

“Pat, you have inspired many people to be the best version of themselves. Whilst no one could replace the charismatic Pat you should be very proud of Lyndsey and Stephen.” – Patrick McGillycuddy, Chairman at Glencar Construction.

“A man who has built his family a company that delivers quality to be proud of, our community, here in Maidstone is fortunate to benefit from his ability to provide help where his company has experience and a passion for getting things done. A legend and a true gentleman.” – Martin Cox

“Nothing comes easy in the construction and quarrying industry and you have certainly had your share of the hard work. Well done and congratulations to you and your team on the great business success and generosity of the Gallagher Group. Good Luck” – Nicky Watson, Chairman at Moore Watson

“50 years of putting Maidstone and its community on the map” – David Naghi


If you look at most unique businesses. They have built a community. Gymshark around fitness, Harley Davidson around motorcyclists & enthusiasts, Disney around fantasy.

Maybe Pat Gallagher and his team are the ones that built it around construction in Kent.

It certainly looks like it.

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