Hydrogen Investment Balloons in Scotland


The Scottish government has set aside £10million to accelerate the uptake of hydrogen technology reports the Construction Index. 

The new funding is set to drive innovation in the hydrogen sector to increase the amount of production and storage available in Scotland. The £10m will be invested over the next four years and is working to unlock private investment in the technology.


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The Scottish government is committed to investing £100m over the course of this parliament so we’ll see more investments to come. This £100m comes as part of a wider package of £180m to invest in emerging energy technologies.

Why This Matters: The government has always been good at creating the ‘thin edge of the wedge’ to help drive innovation in different sectors. The £10m will just be the start of the investment in this technology in Scotland and I’m sure we’ll see a significant increase in private investment over the coming five years. This also signals an understanding from the Scottish government that they won’t be able to rely on oil and gas forever and this could be an investment that could support future independence?