NextGen Construction 2023


The conference aims to educate the construction industry about how to attract, retain & incentivise the next generation. We all know 16 year old’s aren’t naturally enticed to join the industry. Why would they? The industry so far behind the times that they can’t communicate properly with them.

Culture must change. Communications must change. Old habits must change…they say old habits never die, so we’re gonna question that!!

How It Works

NextGen Construction works like a business school: you show up and are taught strategies to help you attract cool people to your workforce, create a brand that sticks i.e. gives people a reason to join your company, and various other elements that mirror how the next generation think.

Unlike a business school, you’re not paying £15,000 a year to attend NextGen Construction. And you’ll actually use what you learn.

We’ve gathered the founders and execs from Tier one contractors, creative agencies, and non-profits to tell us how things should be done.

Who Should Attend?

  • If you want to learn how to recruit or attract talented people to your company.
  • If you want to learn about impact lack of talent has on projects, social values, EDI (Equality, Diversity, Inclusion), digitisation, and how to be more effective at recruitment marketing.
  • You’re interested in rubbing elbows with founders, executives, and investors in the construction space.
  • You have a business that you want to grow.


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