EKFB and ASC lead new HS2 viaduct in Buckinghamshire


The team will deliver a new 346m long viaduct across the A413 and local rail lines south of Wendover.

Buckinghamshire viaduct plan.
Credit: HS2.

The viaduct is one of the only two places in the Chilterns where HS2 will travel above ground level, with the underside of the viaduct sitting 6m above the road. 

On the Job

This structure and the nearby Wendover Dean Viaduct were designed by HS2’s main contractor EKFB, consisting of: 

  • Eiffage.
  • Kier.
  • Ferrovial Construction. 
  • BAM Nuttall.

EKFB are also working with specialists architects Moxon, and its design partner ASC, which involves: 

  • Arcadis.
  • Setec.
  • COWI.

Weathering steel will be used for the girders of the viaduct, with the sides featuring deck stiffeners to manage the structural forces and allowing for a lighter weight beam. 

The girders will also use a ‘double composite’ approach, where two steel girders will be built between two layers of reinforced concrete, to reduce the amount of carbon in the structure. 

Full scope

The project was greenlit by Buckinghamshire Council.

Phase one of the route will pass through about 60 km from the southeast of Buckinghamshire up to the northwest of the county. 

This section will connect London with the North.

After crossing the viaduct, northbound trains will pass the town of Wendover in a short tunnel.

Developments for the tunnel’s south portal and associated noise barriers secured planning approval this week under Schedule 17 of the HS2 Act.

Current HS2 developments 

HS2 recently confirmed that there would be delays in delivering the tunnel between Euston and Old Oak Common station. 

This follows a confirmed two-year delay on the Birmingham to Crewe section of the project. 

However, preparation works will continue on the two tunnel boring machines (TBMs) for the Euston section and the tunnel going between Old Oak Common and Atlas Road in North Acton. 

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