16 Premier League clubs looking at stadium expansion


Football evolves, and so do its stadiums. They’re updated to hold more fans and improve facilities, all to make match days better and earn more money. Let’s look at what clubs are looking at expanding their grounds.

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Premier League clubs are updating stadiums to enhance fan experiences and boost revenue. Whether through relocating, as seen with Everton, or through redevelopment, like Liverpool, clubs nationwide aim to optimize their venues.

Please see the list below to see stadium updates.


Aston Villa

Increase Villa Park’s capacity by 8,000 by 2027 in time for EURO 2028. Villa Park is one of the host venues for the tournament.


The plan is to build new training ground at Canford Magna, as well as explore options to have a 20,000-seater stadium.


The new fan zone at the AMEX Stadium is expected to be completed ahead of the 2024/25 season. Plans to build a 10,000-seater stadium for the women’s team.


Exploring options to implement safe standing at Turf Moor.


Spent £80 million on a plot of land next to Stamford Bridge. Plans for a new stadium are unclear, but if redevelopment happened, they would have to play at a different home venue for up to five years. Nothing in stone yet.

Crystal Palace

Increased capacity of the Main Stand from 5,200 to 13,500, alongside various hospitality facilities. Work is set to begin in June 2024 and is planned to be finished for the 2026/27 season.


New stadium planned to be completed for the 2025/26 season, but could be delayed due to cash flow issues and takeover uncertainty.


The upper tier of Riverside Stand will be ready for 2024/25 season. New hospitality facilities and experiences, including a rooftop pool, scheduled to be completed in December 2024.


Liverpool just registered biggest ever attendance at Anfield for a league game following completion of the upper Anfield Road Stand expansion. Capacity is now over 60,000.

Luton Town

New Power Court Stadium is hoped to be completed in 2026.

Manchester City

Extension of the North Stand is scheduled to be completed in 2025, but could be earlier. Capacity to increase to over 60,000.

Manchester United

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has proposed building a “Wembley of the North” on the land next to Old Trafford. Plans to redevelop or build a new stadium entirely to be decided in the middle/end of 2024.

Newcastle United

Discussions over adding 13,000 seats to Gallowgate End and South Stand. Feasibility report was completed in March 2024 on the proposed expansion of St James Park and potential alternative options for a new stadium.

Nottingham Forest

Plan to build an upper tier in the Peter Taylor Stand and increase capacity up to 40,000. Plans halted due to a lease extension disagreement with the local council. The club hierarchy exploring other areas to build a new stadium if redevelopment at the City Ground is not possible.

Sheffield United

Plans to remove pillars in the Kop that obstruct the views of some supporters. No other plans to redevelop Bramall Lane until a new owner is in place.

Wolverhampton Wanderers

The club have discussed ideas to increase the capacity to over 50,000 through expansions in the Steve Bull and Sir Jack Hayward Stands. However, there are no recent updates on the proposed renovations.


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