Mace director elected to parliament


A Mace director has been elected to parliament after a one-and-a-half-year campaign.

Credit: Mike Reader

Work-winning director for Mace, Mike Reader, won Northampton South constituency by 4,071 votes with 16,801, beating Conservative candidate Andrew Lewer who maintained his seat since 2017.

Labour secured an overall majority winning 412 seats beating the outgoing Conservative party and gaining a huge mandate for the next government.

Reader has worked at Mace since 2017 after working as national director of strategic management at Pick Everard, starting as head of strategic pursuits before assuming the position as director in 2021.

While at Mace Reader also served as an Independent Member on Newham Council’s Audit Committee.

Reader wrote on social media: I am delighted and honoured to be elected as the new Member of Parliament for Northampton South.

Thank you to the electorate in Northampton South who have put their trust in me.”

Reader noted that he would be stepping away from his role at Mace to focus on his time in Parliament.

“My full time focus is now on representing and championing my town in Parliament and making sure I deliver on my promise to my neighbours here in Northampton”, Reader added.

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