London Square acquires Woolwich site for 700 homes


London Square has acquired a Woolwich town centre site to deliver 700 new homes.

Credit: London Square

The developer purchased phases three and four of the Woolwich Central scheme from MB Woolwich Phase 3 and MB Woolwich Phase 4, for an undisclosed price.

Planning is in place to create new homes, with 50 per cent affordable housing, as well as shops and offices on the 4.49 acre site.

The mixed-use development will also feature:

  • Green spaces
  • New public square
  • 15-storey tower of 122 homes
  • Five blocks of affordable homes

There will also be three blocks of homes for private sale in a landscaped setting.

Formation Architects designed the scheme which includes 18,405 sq ft in total of commercial space, plus community amenity space.

Construction aims to start on site in 2025 with a 2028 delivery date.

Planning permission was granted in September 2022 but the scheme had to be resubmitted to meet new regulations requiring a second fire staircase in tall buildings, and was granted in early July 2023.

Adam Lawrence, chief executive officer at London Square, said: “This latest acquisition reflects London Square’s commitment to playing a key role in helping to alleviate the continued housing shortage in Greater London.”

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