Amey secures £30m water services contract


Amey has been appointed to a water works engineering and management contract spanning five years.  

The group will deliver a range of civil engineering consultancy and specialist water works in Northern Ireland for the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) Rivers, the drainage and flood defence authority.  

The contract, valued at £30 million, will include designing and implementing structural improvements to watercourses such as culverts and open channels, flood and sea defences including dams and seawalls, control structures, reservoirs, as well as providing alternative flood risk management schemes.   

The contractor will take a technology-led approach to digitise and streamline site inspections and provide higher levels of accuracy and efficiency. 

Amey began its partnership with the DfI in 2005 when the company initially supported the department with the provision of road engineering consultancy services for the region. 

It follows reports of a robust order book of £7.6 billion, a 23 per cent increase on the prior year, as well as an increase in group profits.  

CEO, Andy Milner, said the group continues to strengthen its core capabilities in consulting, transport infrastructure, and complex facilities.  

Amey Consulting managing director, Alex Gilbert, said: “Using our extensive engineering expertise combined with our technology-first approach to service delivery, we look forward to supporting DfI Rivers in implementing sustainable flood risk management practices and policies of the future.  

“We’re proud to be leading initiatives that safeguard local communities from flooding and bolster infrastructure resilience in the face of climate uncertainty.” 

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