Cala acquires UK timber frame supplier


The Scottish housebuilder, owned by Legal & General, has announced the 100% acquisition of Taylor Lane Timber Frame Ltd.

Cala and Taylor Lane representatives shaking hands. [Image credit: tigerbond Group Limited].
Credit: tigerbond Group Limited.

Cala has been using timber frame construction in Scotland for more than 40 years, with around 80% of its homes being built using this method.

Through the acquisition, Cala aims to increase its use of timber frames in England by around 1,500 new homes per annum over the next five years.


Taylor Lane began operating in 1982 in the West Midlands and has grossed into a £30 million turnover business. 

The firm delivers around 2,000 timber frame units annually and has multiple factories in Hereford and Wales. 

Taylor Lane will supply Cala’s five English businesses in the Cotswolds and the South of England to further its presence. 

Carbon reduction goals

The investment in Taylor Lane (for an undisclosed amount) supports Cala’s progress in its sustainability goals. 

The firm aims to build houses for its customers that are operationally net-zero carbon enabled from 2030 and reach net-zero total greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. 

“The positive arguments for timber frame construction have never been more compelling. Generating up to 20% less embodied carbon than a typical masonry build and offering the benefits of speed and efficiency of construction and superior factory-built quality, the advantages of using timber strongly support our decision to invest in timber frames and grow our use in the future,” said Kevin Whitaker, the CEO at Cala Group. 

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