McAleer & Rushe ‘bridging the gap’ in Brentford


The firm installed a new bridge across the Grand Union Canal at Brentford Lock West.

Bridge construction at Grand Union Canal.
Credit: McAleer & Rushe.

The works for the bridge improvement to:

Bridge at Grand Union Canal.
Credit: McAleer & Rushe.
  • Robin Grove Recreation Ground.
  • Lighting. 
  • CCTV. 
  • Landscaping.

M&R operatives have demolished existing warehouses to clear the site for the final phase of development. 

The team will also build a new bus depot for Metroline

Enabling works are being completed ahead of the main development works, which will begin in 2024. 

Final stage of regeneration

Bridge at Grand Union Canal.
Credit: McAleer & Rushe.

The final phase will see: 

  • 452 new homes. 
    • including 187 affordable, alongside flexible commercial space. 
  • A public square. 
  • Commercial and retail spaces. 
  • A new frame overhanging the canal. 
  • Towpath improvements. 
  • New mooring facilities. 
  • The renovation of the existing dock.
  • A new waterfront community facility. 



M&R are in partnership with: 

  • Waterside Places (urban waterfront developer) – a joint venture between Muse and the Canal & River Trust
  • London Borough of Hounslow. 
Bridge at Grand Union Canal.
Credit: McAleer & Rushe.

“Our team on site engages with the local community on a daily basis and have felt the excitement to see this new bridge open which will have a tangible positive impact for years to come,” Jonathan O’Neill, senior director at McAleer & Rushe. 

“Having delivered phase two of the canalside homes back in 2018, we are thrilled to have been afforded the opportunity to return to Brentford Lock West to continue its transformation in both infrastructure improvements and the creation of new homes.”

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