Contractors sought for £3.2bn eight-year framework


Contractors are being sought for a major framework spanning eight years and valued at nearly £3.2 billion. 

The Communities and Housing Investment Consortium (CHIC) has published its Newbuild Development Framework (NDF), with a deadline for submissions by the end of the month. 

It spans a wide range of construction works and consultancy services, with projects varying between small infill and garage sites to major estate regeneration including newbuild, refurbishment and retrofit and cross-subsidy housing for market sale. 

Projects will span the length of the UK and will include a diverse range of works, from traditional one, two, and three-storey buildings to medium and high-rise structures. 

And although generally housing focused – being housing associations and local authority landlords – framework clients will be more broad ranging, also covering education, health, and commercial sectors. 

“The framework is being procured for a wider range of needs than just housing,” said CHIC. 

Adding: “The framework will provide a variety of different solutions needed for certain projects, providing options to select the most appropriate route to market for specific projects whilst supporting and promoting Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).”  

Newbuild Development Framework lots  

Lot 1 – Consultancy services for newbuild and regeneration projects 

  • Workstream 1- project manager/contract administrator/employer’s agent/ quantity surveyor 
  • Workstream 2 – Architectural services 
  • Workstream 3 – Engineering services (structural and civil) 
  • Workstream 4 – Principal designer 

Lot 2 – Development contracting services 

  • Workstream 1 – Newbuild main contractors 
  • Workstream 2 – MMC manufacturers – fully modular 
  • Workstream 3 – MMC manufacturers – frame and panel 
  • Workstream 4 – MMC turnkey contractors 

Lot 3 – Regeneration contractors  

Provision of services of contractors which can combine any range of the following works and services: 

  • traditional newbuild (brick and block)
  • MMC newbuild (whole building and/or pods)
  • refurbishment
  • building conversions
  • decarbonisation retrofit
  • infrastructure improvements
  • housing for sale (by employer or contractor)

The first stage pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) for suppliers is now open. 

The deadline for submissions is 3pm on 30 May. 

For more information, email: tenders@chicltd.co.uk   

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