Vistry starts 640-home build near Salisbury


The firm acquired the Wiltshire site back in January, after taking intial interest in 2013. 

Vistry Group start work on Wilton Gate site.
Credit: Vistry Group.

The first phase of the ‘Wilton Gate’ scheme has planning permissions for: 

  • 234 properties sold under both the Bovis and Linden Homes brands
  • 148 homes in partnership with the housing association Aster Group.

The homes will be built for sale, affordable rent, and shared ownership. 

The scheme aims to provide:

  • Two-to-five-bedroom homes. 
  • A primary school. 
  • A local centre.
  • Employment. 
  • 21 hectares of open space, comprising three play parks and one country park. 
  • Associated infrastructure and landscaping.
  • A new doctors surgery.

£14.5 million has been invested into the scheme. 

The Wilton Gate site is near Netherhampton Road in Harnham. 

Full Scope 

Vistry Group completed its more than £1.1 billion takeover of Countryside Partnerships in November 2022. 

The mega-merger puts the firm on competitive footing with other Housebuilding and Partnerships Housing giants. 

“This collaborative project has been years in the planning, so it’s wonderful to see activity on site – with the first homes due for completion later this year – it’s a real milestone,” said Emma Colin, managing director for Vistry’s Western region. 

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