National Highways’ £37m circular contract explained


Reconstruction of Suffolk’s A14 carriageway will see the complete replacement of the concrete road surface with recycled materials.

Credit: National Highways

National Highways is working with Sisk as its main delivery partner. 

Work began last week to rebuild the road surface between Haughley (junction 47a) and Tothill (junction 49). 

The scheme aims to: 

  • Improve road safety.
  • Create a smoother road surface. 
  • Reduce noise for drivers. 

The repairs are expected to be completed by Summer 2024. 

Inside the job

Rebuilding the road will include: 

  • Use of recycled materials and a new asphalt top. 
  • Installation of replacement kerbs. 
  • Replacement and installation of steel central reservation safety barriers. 
  • New road markings. 
  • New reflective studs. 

National Highways will complete vital upgrades in stages using a contraflow system. 

A contraflow was installed on the westbound carriageway between Haughley and Tothill on 17 April. 

It will remain there for approximately six months before moving to the eastbound carriageway. 

A planer will be used to remove around 51,000 tonnes of concrete

This concrete will then be taken to a National Highways’ site in Barham to be crushed and recycled to make new foundations for the A14. 

Full scope 

The scheme is part of National Highways’ goal to improve the quality of concrete roads across the UK. 

The East has the most concrete roads in the network, including the A14, A12, A120, A11 and M11.

Concrete roads that were designed in the 1950/70s have an average lifespan of 50 years. 

The programme will use new technology to repair and replace old roads with more durable surfaces. 

“The A14 is a very popular route with motorists, helping to provide a transport corridor between the North, the Midlands, and East Anglia. Upgrading this stretch will make it safer and smoother, ensuring it’s fit for the thousands of drivers who use it every day,” said Simon Amor, National Highways head of scheme delivery. 

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