RSK Group expansion: Firm buys 10 companies since Jan


The expansion of RSK Group continues with another acquisition – its tenth since January. 

RSK Group
Credit: RSK Group.

It just acquired Calibrate Energy Engineering, a provider of commercial heating and chilling systems based near Bamburgh, Northumberland. 

Calibrate operates in the agriculture, chemical processing, food and drink, tourism and leisure, manufacturing, industry and education sectors. 

Director Susie McDonald will continue to lead the business. 

RSK said the buy will ‘enhance its strength in the renewable energy sector’. 

RSK also recently announced the acquisition of Hawkins Electrical, an electrical service firm based in Skegness, Lincolnshire, and Southern Ecological Solutions (SES), an Essex-based ecological, arboriculture and landscape design consultancy, and geotechnical specialist 4AP-Geoteknik in Hadsten, Denmark.   

In the last three months RSK also added to its ever-growing portfolio of companies temporary site service company WysePower, market research agency BMG Research, marine geoscience consultancy Hydrofix, tree and vegetation management firm Treefellers Ltd, mineral exploration and ground investigation contractor Irish Drilling Limited, and technical facilities management and energy solutions firm Richard Irvin FM.     

RSK CEO Alan Ryder recently told the FT he wants to run the largest provider of “sustainable solutions” in the world, relying on the “cross-fertilisation of ideas and expertise”.   

RSK was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Helsby in Cheshire. It comprises around 180 companies and employs around 11,000 people worldwide. 

It is understood the company now turns over £1 billion a year on a rolling basis.  

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