Glencar wins £150m Moderna vaccine hub in Oxfordshire


Glencar will build a new vaccine manufacturing facility in Oxfordshire, costing £150 million. 

Moderna vaccine hub in Oxfordshire
Credit: Glencar.

The firm has been appointed to deliver the Moderna Innovation and Technology Centre (MITC) at the Harwell Campus, a 700-acre science and technology hub in the county.  

The new research and development (R&D) facility will develop cutting-edge mRNA vaccines for a range of respiratory diseases. 

Glencar previously also delivered the Vaccine Manufacturing and Innovation Centre (VMIC) at the Harwell Campus. 

“We very much look forward to working with the team at Moderna and Merit to develop this important new facility and further expand the thriving health tech cluster at Harwell,” said Glencar CEO, Eddie McGillycuddy. 

Stuart Grant, chief executive of Harwell Campus, added: “mRNA technology has the capability to transform how we treat a variety of diseases and enhance UK resilience against future pandemics.  

“We’re entering a new era of medicine so it’s important that we deliver and build cutting-edge facilities to reflect this and spaces that promote innovation and encourage collaboration.” 

Modular construction 

A prefabricated modular clinical biomarker laboratory for the development will be manufactured and constructed offsite in Northumberland, then installed on campus, said Glencar.  

Main construction will begin this year, with the facility expected to become operational in 2025, subject to planning and regulatory approvals. 

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