FM Conway extends highways works contract


Firm continues partnership with West Sussex County Council. 

FM Conway working on road, photograph.
Credit: FM Conway.

FM Conway was awarded Lot 4 for 2023 of the existing partnership, and will deliver two works packages that include: 

  • Resurfacing principal and local loads. 
  • Footway reconstruction. 
  • Small works. 

The council has invested £8 million in both packages, looking to improve highways infrastructure. 

These developments will be carried out across 105 sites in West Sussex.

Work started this month and will run over a year

Previous work

The firm has been operating on the Highways Maintenance Contract since 2020.

Recently it delivered planned carriageway and footway resurfacing packages. 

Its stronghold in the region can be attributed to the Newhaven Asphalt Plant and privately-owned HGV fleet

With these facilities, the company can utilise recycled materials for its projects, keeping with net zero working practices. 

“Our drive for new innovations and sustainable working practices means we can work together with West Sussex to introduce greater efficiencies and more importantly, reduce carbon emissions and network disruption across the county,” said Paul Padfield, surfacing director at FM Conway. 

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