Torsion record turnover amid four new big projects


Torsion Group has secured four new major projects totalling £114 million – and is on track to top £122 million turnover in 2023. 

Torsion Group in Manchester and Birmingham.
Credit: Torsion Group.

All four developments, including its first in Manchester, are being delivered by Torsion Construction. 

  • £46 million residential scheme in Birmingham for Select Property. 
  • £25.9 million residential contract in Manchester. 
  • £10.2 million student accommodation in York. 
  • Second student housing scheme with Bricks Group, costing £32 million. 

The company used its design-to-budget philosophy to secure these schemes. 


CEO, Dan Spencer, has led Torsion’s transition over the last five years from real estate business to developer, builder and operator, amid challenging economic circumstances. 

A recent series of new business means Torsion is on course to top £122 million turnover this year. 

“With the developments and operational businesses thriving and such an exciting period of growth within the construction business, I will be taking a more hands-on role in leading the construction part of the Group throughout the growth period, providing additional stability, growth and continuity,” said Mr Spencer.  


Torsion Group has four other projects currently consented or in planning in Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield and Coventry to deliver 881 units by 2025.  

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