McAlpine sets out new strategic vision


Plan from May involves a smaller organisation with a sector-focused model.

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McAlpine will be shifting from its regional operating model to better focus in the sectors of: 

  • Healthcare 
  • Commercial offices 
  • Industrial 
  • Heritage (as delivered by its Major & Special Projects team

The firm will also be prioritising the growth of its rail, transport and nuclear sectors of its infrastructure business.

Sustainability and decarbonisation are also factors in the vision, with the firm looking to adapt to the built environment landscape. 

It is understood that this transition aims to drive growth for the company and its clients, and minimise exposure to geopolitical and market risks. 


The firm will reduce its workforce by 2.5%. 

Jobs affected are not project-based or specific to any region or office. 

Past finances 

McAlpine experienced a financial loss in 2020 of £26.2 million, but recovered with a profit of £9.6 million by 2021. 

The total annual turnover for that year was £937.2 million, with no debt. 

“In this turbulent market, we owe it to our people and our clients to carefully consider how we apply our focus and expertise over the coming years to seize the opportunities that will support us to thrive,” said Paul Hamer, CEO of McAlpine.

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