How Story delivered Clyde Viaduct revamp


£4.7 million improvement project boasts a new structure built between Rutherglen and Dalmarnock.

Clyde Viaduct.
Credit: Story.

The year-long programme with Network Rail saw engineers: 

  • Install a new track and waterproofing system. 
  • Work on steel strengthening and repair work. 

Structures which carry services between Glasgow and Lanark were also repainted. 

It has been a century since the viaduct’s last renovation, originally being built in 1897 and widened in 1923. 


During the project: 

  • Approximately 300m of track was renewed. 
  • 1,100m2 of waterproofing was installed.
  • More than 10 tonnes of new steelwork were added to the bridge deck. 
  • Parapets also added to strengthen the structure. 

The viaduct required around 225 tonnes of grit and more than 5,000 litres of paint

More than 12,000 hours were worked for its completion. 

Full Scope

This scheme is part of a larger refurbishment programme to improve Scotland’s Railway. 

Recently, Story completed the installation of the UK’s largest concrete bridge at Ravenscraig in North Lanarkshire under an ‘intense’ ten-day period. 

The firm is also currently delivering works to upgrade Great Glen bridge in Leicestershire as part of the Midland Main Line electrification programme.

Regarding the Clyde Viaduct, Suzanne McKay, the scheme project manager at Network Rail, said: “This significant investment not only improves the look of the structure but will help to extend its lifespan as work on this scale won’t be required for at least another 25 years.”  

“Some of our work had to be carried out at night when trains were not running and we are very grateful to the community for their understanding and patience during this time.”

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