BAM pays tribute to employee who died in Dutch rail crash


BAM has paid tribute to an employee who was tragically killed when a train collided with a crane and derailed in the Netherlands this week.  

The crash occurred outside The Hague close to the village of Voorschoten, on Tuesday. 

The train was said to have been carrying around 50 passengers, 19 of whom were admitted to hospital. 

It is understood the BAM employee was the sole fatality.  

King Willem-Alexander visited the scene. 

A separate goods train also collided with the crane, which was being used for repairs. 

Police and the Dutch Safety Board have launched inquiries. 



We have learnt with great sadness of the death of a highly valued colleague in the tragic accident during rail works in the Netherlands today. 

Our thoughts, on this terrible event, go out to the relatives and close colleagues of our employee and we wish them strength in coping with this loss. 

Furthermore, we also pause to remember all those who were injured. We wish them strength in their recovery. 

On behalf of the Executive Committee of Royal BAM Group.
Ruud Joosten, CEO.  

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