VolkerFitzpatrick and Kier launch Luton Airport DART


VolkerFitzpatrick and Kier (VFK) have overseen the launch of the Luton DART (Direct Air-Rail Transit).  

Luton DART (Direct Air-Rail Transit)
Credit: VolkerFitzpatrick.
by Rory Butler April 3, 2023

The project was delivered over four years on behalf of Luton Rising, the company that owns Luton Airport.  

It is a fully automated and electrically powered people mover, connecting Luton Airport Parkway with the airport terminal, operating 24 hours a day.  

Designed by Doppelmayr Cable Car, the cable-driven system is capable of transporting passengers in under four minutes.  

Key elements by VFK 

  • Construction of the new Luton DART Parkway station 
  • A new central terminal station at Luton Airport 
  • A 310m viaduct next to the existing rail line  
  • A 750m bridge over New Airport Way (constructed offline)  
  • A 320m double tunnel  

Iconic coloured canopies and an active-LED system have also been installed.  

More than 500 construction jobs were created, and training for 720 locals was provided, 40% of whom were from under-represented groups.  

The government recently agreed to examine Luton Rising’s proposal to increase passenger capacity at Luton Airport from 18 million to up to 32 million a year 

It is understood that scheme will cost in the region of £2.4 billion 

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