Garenne Construction Group put into liquidation


Major employer Garenne Construction Group has been put into liquidation. 

Garenne Construction Group
Credit: Garenne Construction Group
by Rory ButlerApril 3, 2023

KPMG Advisory and Interpath Advisory have been appointed as joint liquidators, the BBC reported. 

Garenne, in the Channel Islands, has operations in Guernsey, Jersey and the UK, and has prided itself on “a long tradition of investment in local construction”. 

However, it is now insolvent.  

It was founded in 1956, employs nearly 1,000 people and had an annual turnover of £150 million. 

The news follows the collapse in February of Jersey building firm Camerons Construction, to which Garenne was the parent company.  

Financial headwinds brought on by Brexit and the pandemic, as well as supply chain pressures, labour and materials shortages, and soaring interest rates, had contributed to its collapse, Garenne said of Camerons at the time.  

One of Garenne’s facilities concerns, Amalgamated Facilities Management Ltd (AFM), told the BBC it is not subject to any insolvency process, and that its Jersey and Guernsey operations would continue.  

Garenne’s other business concerns include Rabeys Commercial Vehicles, Granite Le Pelley, GSRM, Garenne Natural Stone, Garenne Shopfitting, J3, and Sterling Services. 

GSRM is a joint venture between Garenne Infrastructure Limited and Sir Robert McAlpine Limited.  

McAlpine declined to comment.   

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