‘Empowering women in the workforce’ – life at Galliford Try


Women in Construction Week takes place during the first full week in March every year and celebrates and promotes the role of women in the industry. 

by Rory ButlerMarch 9, 2023

To encourage more women into the sector, recent graduate, Lily Brennan-Jones, who is an engineer in the environment team at Galliford Try, talks about life at the company and how inspiring it is for graduates to see more women in the workforce. 

“I love working collaboratively with a range of engineering disciplines to achieve a common goal,” said Lily. “It’s really exciting seeing a design on paper come together to achieve the clients’ needs.” 

‘Bringing awareness’ 

“It’s important to bring awareness to the younger generation, especially of just what women are capable of.  

“An increase in women in the industry will change perceptions and help create a more diverse future for all of us. 

‘Role model to aspire to’ 

“It’s really empowering to see other women in the workforce, especially in more senior roles as it gives graduates like me a role model to aspire to.”  

Watch Lily’s story here. 

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